Wagons Westward

The Old Trail to Santa Fe

written and illustrated by Armstrong Sperry



Amstrong Sperry, author of All Sail Set  created some of the very best historical novels written in English. That they were written for young people is almost icing on the cake — what a terrific way to share the life of the past with young minds! Well researched, well written, and real page-turners — good juvenile literature just doesn’t get much better than this.

Wagons Westward is among the best such novels — it will give you a whiff of what the journey along the Santa Fe Trail must have been like in 1846; and how a restless America managed to add much of the Southwest to its expanding territory. The young hero, Jonathan Starbuck, faces and overcomes many challenges along the untamed trail — and through his eyes we find ourselves travelling right alongside these determined pioneers. The author’s spirited drawings just make this good story even better.

Very highly recommended!

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