Saint Francis and the Wolf

Retold by Jane Langton

Illustrated by Ilse Plume

Hardbound, dust jacketed


One of the most beloved tales of St. Francis is that of the Wolf of Gubbio. This gently illustrated retelling of the story is exquisite in its grace and warmth, and it’s voice is just right for such a story.

The great wolf of Gubbio was a ferocious creature who terrorized the town and was slowly reducing its people to penury and starvation. In nearby Assisi, Brother Francis heard of their plight and came to their rescue. Unbelievingly, the villagers watched from the ramparts as Brother Francis called to the wolf, tamed it with his tenderness, and made it pledge that if the people of Gubbio would care for him, he would do them no harm. The great wolf took the pledge and lived in harmony with the citizens of the city until its death.

Included also as inside leaves is Francis’s Canticle to the Sun.

This is altogether a lovely book – for children ages 5 and older.

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