Blessed by Illness

L.F.C. Mees, M.D.



Dr. Mees offers an alternative approach to today’s “symptomatic medicine” which merely attempts to remove the nuisance of disease symptoms quickly. While not arguing that it is often a great gift to have such symptoms removed, Dr. Mees goes further to explore the true nature of healing.

In the first part of Blessed by Illness, Mees traces teh history of man’s changing concept of healing from the “Temple Sleep” of ancient Egypt, when human beings recognized their living connection to Spiritual Reality, through the herbal lore of ancient Greece and the healings of Christ, to the rise of our modern symptomatic medicine.

A medicine which seeks only to remove visible symptoms and ailments is not healing at all. healing must take into consideration the whole human being. The doctor must learn the language of the natural, healing forces at work not only in the body, but also in nature and the cosmos. From this point of view, illness is a gift, a blessing, that asks the patient and the doctor that they work together with it for the sake of something infinitely greater: true healing.

First published in 1983, Blessed by Illness is a powerful introduction to the world of “alternative medicine.”

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