Lucy’s Christmas

Donald Hall

Illustrated by Michael McCurdy

Softbound, large format


Late in August a branch of the sugar maple turned red, which made Lucy think of autumn and winter.

Lucy Wells liked planning ahead.

Evey though it was far off, she thought about Christmas at the South Danbury Chruch, where all the families in the village opened their presents together.

So she started making Christmas presents.

Thus begins one of the most endearing Christmas stories I’ve ever read. Based on stories his own mother told him of her childhood, Donald Hall’s story of a young girl’s early 20th Century New England Christmas so beautifully captures the slow-paced warmth of those times, and the love of human hearts, that my own heart just melts every time I read it. The gentle woodcut illustrations are a perfect reflection of the story as well.

All in all, Lucy’s Christmas is just perfect.

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