The Duck and the Owl

Hanna Johansen

Illustrated by Käthe Bhend



In this delightful fable by the team behind Henrietta and the Golden Eggs, a cantakerous duck and a grumpy owl square off over the right way to eat, the right time to sleep, and the right place to perch. Neither thinks the other is right about anything, and each clearly has a blind spot about the other’s way of life. Johansen tells the story almost entirely through dialogue, giving lively energy to the petty bickering and narrow-mindedness that stand in the way of a woodland friendship.

Bhend’s intricate, telling ink drawings, show convincingly the value in each creature’s point of view. Together, words and pictures reveal how respect for others can be the first step toward true friendship and real understanding. And, as any good fable should, it does it all without preaching its moral or losing its sense of humor.

Ages 5 and up.

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