All Sail Set

Armstrong Sperry

The gripping and authentic yarn of a race 'round the Horn onboard the greatest clipper ever built - The Flying Cloud


This would also be a great accompanying novel for the Waldorf history block covering the industrial revolution, ages 12-13.

If ever there was a story of adventure on the high seas that we would want to share with the young people around us, this is it. The subtitle is as accurate as they come — the adventure captures our imagination and holds it fast; the descriptions of sailing aboard a clipper ship are so accurate your young reader will be qualified to sign on as a deck hand before the story ends.

Sperry takes us back to the days when Clipper Ships transformed the world with their amazing speed (only 90 days to sail around the whole world!) and the race against time was a race toward a new modern world.

Here is the story of Enoch Thacher, a boy whose father lost his fortune at sea, goes to work for Donald McKay (who really existed and built an entire line of great clippers). McKay takes him on during the lofting, building, and rigging of the The Flying Cloud. Enoch finally ships out on her for her maiden, record-breaking trip around the Horn. Sperry’s vigorous drawings are the perfect accompaniment to this realistic, riveting narrative of iron men and wooden ships. Even landlubbers will be pegged to their seats as they read.

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