Shining Lights

Celebrating Forty Years of Community in Camphill Village

September 17, 1961 -
September 17, 2001
Copake, New York

Softbound, full color, large format


Recorded on these pages is a monumental journey, one that required the heart, vision, courage and hard work of hundreds of people. This is a journey that arrives triumphant every single day and begins again with vigor each new morning. I marvel at how well it is recorded in this single volume.

The great souls whose lives and work on behalf of Camphill Village in Copake, New York grace these pages are many, too many to name them all. Gladys Hahn, Janet McGavin, Carlo Pietzner, Dorothea von Jeetz and many whose names you won’t recognize are here. More than any one person, though, is the wonder that from a beginning of some land, a vision and dedication Camphill Village has become truly a village where what is most noble and best in the human heart is allowed to live, where hundreds of developmentall disabled people have found love and dignity and been allowed to contribute work of real value, where, as Alton Marshall says, “no basic principle governing human relationships has been compromised.”

Amazing! A book to love and cherish – as the Camphill Movement is a deed to love and cherish.

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