The Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers

Donna Simmons

Spiral Bound, 239 pages


As would be expected from her previous publications, Donna Simmons has given us a masterful presentation of Waldorf Education as a living approach toward the development of capable, healthy human beings. More than this, she has placed it in the context of homeschooling, then gone further to paint beautifully detailed pictures of what each subject can be within such a setting.

The Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum Overview fills a need that has been palpable in my experience–and it fills it to overflowing. Simmons’ deep understanding of Steiner’s pedagogy, her experience inside Waldorf schools as both student and teacher, and her abilities as a writer have combined to give homeschool teachers a vision of this education that meets the modern world–and carries Steiner’s intent forward with joy and purpose.

I should also add that I believe that teachers within Waldorf schools could also benefit enormously from this Curriculum Overview. Simmons’ approach, by not predicating the delivery of the education on a formal school setting, serves to focus on the goals, the intent, the wide-ranging possibilities of Steiner’s pedagogy. I find it to be like a brisk fall breeze coming on the heels of a sultry summer: blowing change, waking us up, showing us the remarkable harvest that lies ahead.


Part One

  • Chapter 1: Waldorf Education and Homeschooling
  • Chapter 2: A Visit to a Waldorf School
  • Chapter 3: The Waldorf Home
  • Chapter 4: Homeschooling with Waldorf

Part Two

  • Chapter 5: Grade by Grade
  • Chapter 6: Topic by Topic
    • Language Arts
    • Handwork, Crafts and Gardening
    • Foreign Language
    • Math
    • Music
    • History (including Fairy Tales, Legends & Myths)
    • Art – Drawing, Painting and Modeling
    • Geography
    • Form Drawing
    • Science
    • Movement, Games and Sports
  • Chapter 7: Home is Not School
  • Chapter 8: Nuts and Bolts
  • Chapter 9: Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 10: A Peek at the Future: High School

Part Three

  • Chapter 7: Home is Not School
  • Chapter 8: Nuts and Bolts
  • Chapter 9: Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 10: A Peek at the Future: High School

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  1. Donna Simmons is an amazing resource because she isn’t afraid to speak directly to the homeschool minded caregiver. Her Waldorf Curriculum Overview has a clear layout, presenting snapshots in a Waldorf classroom by grade, followed by the curriculum, and how it would be possible to do something similar at home. What makes her presentation of the material so approachable though, is that she is not afraid to interject with her personal opinions (which she is not so attached to that she doesn’t validate other viewpoints) , which makes me, as a hopeful homeschooling mom, trust her advice. Recommendations for websites and resources abound, with detailed information about each one.