Roman History – Main Lesson

Fully Revised 2nd Edition

Donna Simmons

Spiral Bound


It is my hope that this “Main Lesson for Homeschoolers” reaches not only into many, many homeschools, but also beyond them and into classrooms. I also hope it finds its way not only into Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired teaching, but beyond it and out into the world. There is so much information and inspiration regarding the Roman History block, that teachers of all persuasions and in all situations can benefit from Donna Simmons’ good work.

Roman History includes:

  • Why Study Roman History?
  • How to Use This Unit Study
  • Working with Teens
  • Key Elements in Roman History
  • Important Dates in Roman History
  • Summaries – written to be used as inspiration or “as is”
  • Drawings and Maps
  • Instructions for Two Art Projects
  • Quotes
  • Poems
  • Study Guides
  • Examples of Student Work
  • Resources

Recommended without reserve!

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