Kindergarten with Your Three to Six Year Old

Christopherus Homeschool Resources Practical Waldorf at Home

Donna Simmons

Spiral Bound


Donna Simmons has done it again! This time she has produced a comprehensive, life-filled overview of the nature of the Waldorf Kindergarten, most especially, what it might look like in a home setting. Her background information sings with love and understanding of the young child; her explanations and examples are family-centered, warm and inspiring.

If you’ve been looking for a resource that would take you inside a Waldorf kindergarten and show you how to give these gifts to your young child(ren) at home, this is it. Thank you, again, Donna!


  • Introduction
  • The Kindergarten Child
  • Family Life
  • A Typical Day
  • Elements of the Day
  • How to Do It
  • Other People
  • The Six Year Old
  • Questions and Answers
  • For You to Use

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  1. Consider this Kindergarten curriculum book to be your introduction to homeschooling in the Waldorf tradition. What I really loved about this is that such a spread of ages are contained within, which makes it compatible if you have several different aged small children. For my situation though (two small children exactly the same age), I could consider it “homeschool-lite”. If you are on the fence about whether to homeschool, but your kids are so young you don’t have to make a commitment anywhere yet, you can get started with a gentle, but beneficial homeschooling program right away. This will allow you to build confidence while setting a pattern that will continue through your children’s educational journey. Simmons doesn’t take a hard-line approach about how to home-school, and emphasizes that this should be easily incorporated into your day. Simmon’s work contains a useful selection of stories and poems with connections to developing the story concepts throughout the week, ideas about art, and guidelines for what your child should be able to understand and participate in as well as some sample schedules for how to structure your time together.

    A dear friend of mine has been using this curriculum with two of her three children, and has found it smooth and enjoyable, so much so that she even started the curriculum the week she delivered a new baby, and still expressed pleasure in homeschooling!