From Nature Stories to Natural Science

A Holistic Approach to Science for Families

Donna Simmons

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Spiral Bound

Expanded 2nd Edition!


Here’s the science curriculum guide we’ve been hoping for – a beautiful and specific presentation of the Waldorf approach to science from Kindergarten through 8th Grade! From Nature Stories to Natural Science is written especially for homeschoolers, but the wealth of suggestions and resources makes it golden for classroom teachers as well.

In it you will find:

  1. an essay on homeschooling and Waldorf Education
  2. a discussion of Goethe’s Way of Science
  3. a really good article on Science in the Waldorf Curriculum
  4. suggestions for setting up for science lessons
  5. how your garden plays a primary role
  6. class-by-class curriculum overviews, suggestions, resources
  7. an afterword

If you are teaching early childhood, primary or secondary students, you will love this book!

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