Healing Touch

Rhythmic Einreibung

A Handbook from the Ita Wegman Clinic

Monika Fingado



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“Rhythmic Einreibung” is a therapy of rhythmic body oiling. Its techniques were developed by Dr. Margarethe Hauschka on the basis of suggestions from Dr. Ita Wegman, founder of the clinic in Switzerland that bears her name. Dr. Wegman trained in Swedish massage, and rhythmic Einreibung is a development of this technique that emphasizes rhythmic elements and qualities to create lightness rather than pressure. The strokes work with the surface of the skin rather than kneading the body as is done with conventional massage techniques.

The book features numerous practical exercises that help build the practitioner’s ability. It is suitable for both beginners and for those who wish to deepen their understanding of these techniques.

From the Heart through the Hands

The Power of Touch in Caregiving

Dawn Nelson

Softbound, large format


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This book is for people who like to touch and be touched, and for those who long to be touched more. It is for those who feel comfortable communicating through their hands and for those who wish to feel more ease in transmitting care through touch. It is for people whose responsibility or job or gift it is to oversee or to help take care of the elderly and ill members of our society. It is for sons and daughters caring for aging parents with physical impairments that effect a role reversal in a lifetime of relating. It is for those courageous men and women who continue caring for spouses or mothers or fathers with dementia related diseases such as Alzheimer's after such a disease has robbed that loved one of the ability to remember the relationship he or she once shared with the caregiver. It is for anyone who wishes to use touch more consciously and compassionately in relating to the elderly, the ill, and the dying.

Dawn Nelson, M.F.A., C.M.T., founder of COMPASSIONATE TOUCH® for those in Later Life Stages, is an internationally known speaker, author and touch educator and a pioneer in the effort to utilize gentle touch massage in palliative care. Dawn's own cancer diagnosis, after a decade of working with the seriously ill, was, she says, "ultimately a blessing in disguise" giving her a healthier lifestyle, new perspectives and a continued commitment to help enhance quality of life for those in later life stages.

Healing Massage for Babies and Toddlers

Julie Woodfield



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Loving touch and bodily contact is essential for the healthy development of babies and toddlers. The author of this book explains when massage can help and shows the connection between tactile stimulation and physiological reactions in children.

Julia Woodfield introduces various massage techniques:

  • Leboyer’s method,
  • RISS,
  • kangaroo,
  • and polarity

Photographs and illustrations help demonstrate these methods.

This book is wonderful for parents!

Includes 60 photographs and 30 illustrations to demonstrate step-by-step methods.