Healing Thoughts

The Tenth Good Thing about Barney

Judith Viorst

Illustrated by Erik Blegvad



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I found this book at our veterinary's office while I was waiting with our bird, Chipper, for an appointment.  Fortunately for me, the doctor was running a bit late, so I was able to read the whole book.  After drying my eyes, a smile lingered, and I knew we had to offer this gem to others.  It is just that good, and it is a beautiful book to share with any child who has lost an animal friend.

Barney the Cat dies on a Friday, leaving the small boy who is his friend very sad.  The boy's mother and father create a special funeral for the cat and ask the boy to think of ten good things about Barney so that he can tell them at their backyard ceremony.  But the boy can think of only nine . . . until he discovers the tenth while talking to his father, and begins to understand.

Very highly recommended.

Goodbye, Mr. Muffin

Ulf Nilsson, Anna-Clara Tidholm

Translated by Nathan Large


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"I've had it good, better than most: a very clever and kind wife, a little blue house with its own letter box, six furry little children..."

In his youth, Mr. Muffin was a strong guinea pig who could carry a whole cucumber on his back. Now old, grey and tired, he looks back on his life. Then one Wednesday morning, he feels a sharp pain in his stomach ...

This sweetly beautiful book is for ages three and up. It tells the touching story about the death of a much-loved pet. Growing old, death rites, the question of the afterlife, all are handled with warmth and gentle humor.

The story also shows that the final stages of life need not be a 'difficult' subject. A beautiful book that children love—it is one of Sweden's bestselling and most-borrowed children's books—Goodbye Mr Muffin won the 2002 Swedish August Prize. Voted book of the year by a children's poll in both the Swedish Book Jury Prize (2002) and the French Chronos Prize for Youth Literature (2008–2009).

You Can Heal Your Life

Louise L. Hay


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This book is the single most effective healing tool we have found to date. Louise Hay has brought to it over thirty years experience in metaphysical healing, and her insight into the causes of illness and the solutions she offers are unparalled. She works through love, self-acceptance, understanding the inner causes of your illness, and developing a program of healing that is tailored to your individual needs. Nancy tested Hay's methods on a chronic problem she had experienced for years. She found that Hay pinpointed the inner causes with extraordinary (if somewhat uncomfortable) accuracy, and that by simple working with the indicated affirmation, this years' old problem first came under control and is now in the process of receding. We know of many others who have experienced the same results. It may be of interest to some of you to know that Rudolf Steiner also gave affirmations for various conditions - he called them prayers, but their structure and form were identical to those developed by Louise Hay.

Heal Your Body A-Z

The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them

Louise L. Hay

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Although I don't entirely agree with the premise that physical ills are "caused" by our thoughts - it's a much more complicated dance than that, in my opinion - I have always found Louise Hay's suggested affirmations to lift the cloud of illness and pave the way for better health and more happiness.  These aren't magic cures, but will shift your perceptions in such a way that you will find yourself moving toward health and often feeling perceptively better right away.

This is a little book, designed to fit easily into a purse, large pocket, binder, or briefcase. In it, Hay has simply listed hundreds of dis-eases, her experience of their causes, and affirmations that are effective in healing them. This is the book to pull out when you feel that headache coming on. It is also an easy reference for long term, serious illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. We know many people who have made very effective use these love-filled pathways to healing, ourselves among them. Those interested in the nature of the human being from the viewpoint of Anthroposophy can obtain an extremely sensitive gestalt of the spiritual physiology of the human organism by reading through this remarkable book.

A Thought Is Just a Thought

The Story of Living with OCD

Leslie Talley

Afterword by Michael A Jenike, MD



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Powerfully illustrated, A Thought Is Just a Thought is the compelling and sympathetic story of Jenny, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It describes Jenny’s visits with her mother to a doctor. He notices that Jenny is afraid to stop tapping the wall with her fingers for fear that her sister won’t come home, and that she is afraid to walk on the white squares of the kitchen’s black and white, tiled floor.

The kind Dr. Mike helps Jenny overcome her fears by showing her how to rethink the bad thoughts, and eventually she stops dwelling on the thought and its irrational consequences, realizing that, after all, a thought is just a thought.

A Thought Is Just a Thought is the first book for children and parents that confronts OCD, a surprisingly common childhood illness. It is an excellent resource for parents and for doctors who wish better understand how to help children deal with this debilitating psychological illness.