Energy Healing

Light Emerging

The Journey of Personal Healing

Barbara Ann Brennan


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Light Emerging is a continuation and development of Hands of Light, with the focus shifted from that of general principles and practices of energetic healing to the energetics of personal healing, what we can do for ourselves. Because Brennan's experience has led her to the observation that there is nothing that impacts our health so much as our relationship, Light Emerging is directed not simply at healing ourselves, but at healing our relationships. The illustrations of the energetic appearance of varieties of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and their impact on personal health on both sides speak more directly than any stack of psychology books. Seeing is both believing and empowering. I recommend Brennan's work without reservation and with tremendous enthusiasm.

Clear the Clutter

Make Space for Your Life

Inge van der Ploeg



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This is the most unified course on clearing clutter that I have seen - and the only one that creates a setting for conscious self-development as you go. I strongly recommend reading it and working with it -- the outcomes are like a fresh spring breeze!

Inge van der Ploeg is a master at creating space in ways that enable human beings to really live. She has worked with clients both public and private for many years in Holland, and both her experience and her study have deepened her own awareness of the significance of how we arrange our surroundings.

There are several things that make her book a unique and powerful contribution to what I will loosely call the burgeoning field of clutter clearing.

First, she has incorporated, considered and really understood many other authors on the subject, including Karen Kingston who I consider to be among the most valuable.

She has also studied what Rudolf Steiner had to say about the nature of the human being and brings this to bear when discussing how we create our surroundings out of ourselves and how our surroundings can impact our physical, mental and emotional health.

Finally, she has devised a unique set of exercises designed to awaken us and strengthen our capacity to take action in our own homes and offices.

Very highly recommended!


Clearing the Junk: A Buddhist Perspective




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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by junk? Is your house full of stuff you don't know what to do with? Do you eat too much unhealthy food? Are you involved in destructive relationships? Do you find yourself surrounded by trivialities or engaged in meaningless conversation? Do you feel there's little of value in your life?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then you'll want to read Authenticity. Clearly and compassionately, Ven. Yifa explores junk in all its ramifications: junk food, junk stuff, junk relationships, junk communication, and junk thoughts and feelings. She shows how our obsession with materialism, convenience, and the fast-paced nature of our society is diminishing our ability to connect wholeheartedly with others and making it harder for us to lead authentic lives. Through consciously separating out what is junk from what is genuine, she says, and through practicing right-mindedness, we can gain equanimity, clarity of purpose, true friendship, and the ultimate realization of our Buddha-nature.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Karen Kingston

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Following the suggestions in Karen Kingston's two book has been the most positively transforming undertaking we've ever experienced - and the possibilities are nowhere near being exhausted. Karen Kingston has managed to convey in simple, easy-to-follow language the whys and wherefores of redesigning our outer space to better meet our inner needs. Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui was the first of the two books I read. The result? For the first time in my life, I felt that I had safe and clear guidelines that I could apply to the (for me, at any rate) perennial question: "Should I keep this or not?" Over the next month, our house lightened its load by closetful after closetful - and not one thing has been missed so far! As our home became clearer, we became clearer and wonderful things began to find their way into our lives - including a more relaxed attitude, more flexible and innovative thinking, increased tolerance of others, and even wonderful new work opportunities. Beyond outstanding!

Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy into Your Life

Karen Kingston

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Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui focuses on taking responsibility for the soul-spiritual quality of our environment by applying a technique Karen calls "space clearing." The technique is within anyone's grasp, is wholesome, love- and light-filled, and when carried out as described, leaves any space feeling sparkling clean and ready for new possibilities. I have passed both of Karen's books on to several friends who have also applied the principles and techniques with the same results - the experience of abundant miracles flowing into their lives. Try it - you'll love it!