Tales from Other Lands

Hairy Hettie

The Highland Cow who needs a haircut!

Jo Allan



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Hettie the Highland cow has lots of hair to keep her warm and cosy. But other animals want to be cosy, too... In springtime, two blackbirds stop by and build their nest in Hettie's hair. She's a cow not a hedge!

In summertime, butterflies lay their eggs in Hettie's fur, and they grow into wriggling caterpillars.

In autumn, a squirrel burrows into her fur to hibernate.

And in winter, a mountain hare hops aboard, too! Poor Hettie. She's a cow, not a hairy hotel! Maybe it’s time for a haircut...

Charming and warm for ages 3-6.

For the Children of the World

Stories and Recipes from the Internatinoal Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Louise deForest, Editor

Illustrated by Gudrid Malmsten



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Here is a joyous collection of folktales from around the world, retold from the heart for young children.  In addition to some of the best stories the world's people have to offer, an extra treat is the recipes from many of the cultures that contributed to this rich and wonderful book.  Each recipe was clear chosen to be tasty and wholesome for young children, as well as being simple enough to make while tending our little ones.  Altogether, this is a vibrant collection that evokes love and wonder.  I can't recommend it highly enough.



  • The Name of the Tree (South Africa)


  • Tunjur, Tunjur (Israel)
  • Momotaro, the Peach Boy (Japan)


  • The Little Flame
  • The Little Possum Who Wanted a Peach
  • Time for Bed
  • Where Has Father Sun Gone?
  • Recipe: Peppercorn Birthday Cake


  • The Duckling's Journey (Austria)
  • The Story of the Cat with the Long, Long Tail (Belgium)
  • Tailor Tom (Denmark)
  • Little Ash Squirel and Little Oak Squirrel (France)
  • Turlutin (France)
  • The Lantern (Germany)
  • Speaking Grapes, Smiling Apples and Ringing Peaches (Hungary)
  • The Old Woman and the Little Mouse (Sweden)
  • Sir Cat-O-Puss (Ukraine)
  • The Soupstone Story (United Kingdom)
  • Recipes:  Spitzbuben Cookies, Michaelmas Soup, St. John's Elderflower Drink, Potato Pogatcha, Salty Pretzels, Hot Cross Buns


  • How the Robin Got Its Red Breast (Canada)
  • Tajin and the Seven Thunders (Mexico)
  • The Legend of the Tepozteco (Mexico)
  • The Story of the Jumping Mouse (United States)
  • Recipes: Cree Bannock Bread, Tamales, Birthday Muffins


  • The Magic Stone (Brazil)
  • The Golden Fish and the Magic Star (Brazil)
  • The Little Seed (Brazil)

Also available in the Spanish Edition, Para Los Ninos del Mundo

Tell Me a Story

Stories from the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America

Edited by Louise deForest


Illustrated by Deborah Grieder and Jo Valens


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The good people at WECAN are very much to be congratulated - they have produced what is, in my opinion, the finest collection of stories for young children ever published in English (maybe in any language, but others will have to judge that).  Tell Me a Story brings together in one volume over 80 stories told and loved in Waldorf kindergartens throughout North America, and as such really offers a resource that can last throughout a lifetime.

Wherever there are children, the cry of "Tell me a story . . ." is heard, and in Waldorf education, storytelling is an integral (and often favorite) part of each day.  Stories connect us to one another, give us a sense of who we are, and can help to guide us into the future.  Tell Me a Story is filled with treasures for all ages and all occasions.  Whether you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, caregiver, or just a lover of good stories, you will find inspiration and nourishment in these pages.

Goran's Great Escape

Astrid Lindgren


Delightfully illustrated by Marit Törnqvist


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It’s a beautiful, sunny Easter Sunday in Sweden. The farmer and his family are having breakfast before going to church and the farm workers are going about their daily chores. But Goran the bull is angry. He breaks loose from his stall, and charges down the barn and out into the yard.

People gather from miles around to see the raging bull. But who will dare to cross Goran’s path? Will he stay angry forever? Karl, a seven-year-old farm boy, has a plan. Can a very small boy tame a very big bull?

A delightful story by acclaimed author Astrid Lindgren. The exquisitely detailed illustrations of wooden houses, farming families in their Sunday best and groves of white birch trees give a vivid sense of springtime on a Swedish farm of long ago.

(Ages 4–7)

A Calf for Christmas

Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Marit Törnqvist



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A Calf for Christmas

Astrid Lindgren's story is so dear it brings tears to my eyes.  The people in it are so real and there is such heart in the story; truly, this is a tale for Christmas.

It’s the last day of school before Christmas and snow is falling heavily. Johan heads to school on his sled, but he can’t stop thinking about the terrible thing that happened yesterday—his family’s only cow died, and they have no money to buy another.

The rich farmer Peter Jonsson has come to town today for the Christmas market. He buys a calf then, after spending some time in the local pub, loses it on the sleigh ride home! When Johan heads out to clear snow, what does he find?... Maybe he’ll have a happy Christmas after all.

(Ages 4–7)

The Tomten

Adapted by Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Harald Wiberg



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The Tomten is quite simply one of the best children's stories ever written. Years ago, we read this book (and it's companion, The Tomten and the Fox) to our children over and over. All of us loved it and the warmhearted magical little fellow who watches over the old farm while the people sleep. Tomtens are Swedish elemental beings who care for farms at night - and our children discovered that they also care for homes at night. When winter came with its snows, all our children started watching for Tomten tracks. Sure enough, the Tomten always came around each night! [It's amazing how much Tomten tracks look like cat and raccoon prints . . . ]

The Tomten warmed our hearts and gladdened our lives for many years - I'm sure he'll do the same for you! Ages 3-8 - and all adults!

Here is a lonely old farm where everyone is sleeping. All but one . . .

The Tomten is awake. He lives in a corner of the hayloft and comes out at night when human beings are asleep. He is an old, old Tomten who has seen the snow of many hundreds of winters. No one knows when he came to the farm. No one has ever seen him, but they know he is there. Sometimes when they wake up they see the prints of his feet in the snow. But no one has seen the Tomten.

- from The Tomten