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Charles Kovacs



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Charles Kovacs' ability to knowledgeably present any part of the Waldorf curriculum with warmth, grace and depth never ceases to amaze and delight me. His lesson notes, no matter the subject, are always useful and inspiring and interesting in the way that non-fiction seldom is.

In Botany, Kovacs provides a tour de force through the Waldorf 5th/6th grade Botany curriculum - He beautifully characterizes and describes different plants and the families of which they are a part, how they look, how they grow, where they live, what they do. There are sketches illustrating key features, chapters about seeds, butterflies, pollen in addition to those about specific plants and plant types. At the end is a long section about the plants we human beings use.

All of this is prefaced with one of the best essays I've ever read about the developmental stage of the 5th and 6th grader, and how to meet their needs educationally.

Another great Kovacs book - what a gift to students and teachers, whether in the classroom or at home!



Second Edition

Donna Simmons

An essential companion to Charles Kovac's Botany 

Spiral Bound


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I've always been partial to the Waldorf school fifth grade curriculum -- to me it is balanced and beautiful the way children at that age are, each subject bearing itself gracefully into the classroom.

Botany is one of those subjects, and Donna Simmon's introduction and overview of this main lesson block is as inviting and lively as the subject itself. It seems to me that she has given both children and the adults who teach them a guided tour of the plant world that will leave everyone in love with nature and knowledgeable about our leafy and rooted friends. Needless to say, I'm smitten -- I think you will be, too, after you see this Unit Study.

Donna has rewritten her original Botany curriculum guide as a companion to Charles Kovac's beautiful Botany curriculum guide.  Together, they simply sing for our 5th graders!


  • Main Lessons for Homeschoolers
  • Why Study Botany
  • Goals for this Block
  • Lesson Plans
  • Looking at Plants
  • Development of the Senses
  • Botany Activities
  • Plants and Their Environment
  • Herbs
  • Summaries
  • Flower Families
  • Trees
  • Visit to a Botanical Garden
  • Botany Scavenger Hunt
  • Resources

The Living World of Plants

A Book for Children and Students of Nature

Dr. Gerbert Grohmann



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This book can be thought of as a distillation of Grohmann's extensive two-volume study, The Plant. Here, the material is presented in a way that will engage both younger students and the adults who teach them. I find that in many ways, The Living World of Plants, is much more powerful in its capacity to evoke awe at the truly amazing world of plants than his more detailed presentation in The Plant. If you are not conversant with the plant world, but would like to be, this is the book for you. An excellent source book for teachers of all grade levels, whether in school or at home. Can be useful as a reader for children grades 5 and up.


Drawing from the Book of Nature

Dennis Klocek



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Drawing from the Book of Nature does double-duty as a book that is about both drawing and the natural world of plant and animal. Here is a wonderful resource for teachers, students or anyone wishing to develop their capacity for the artistic observation of natural phenomena.

Dennis Klocek, with his refreshing combination of depth and clarity, offers a wealth of insight into the lives of plants and animals. His text is enhanced with step-by-step lessons to help the reader bring the kingdoms of nature to life on paper.