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The Temperaments in Education

Roy Wilkinson

Softbound booklet


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This is an extremely conscise, highly useful explanation of the temperaments and how to work with them to the advantage of all students in a classroom. Filled with anecdotes, examples, even illutrations of the different drawing styles of each temperament, any parent or teacher will find this to be the sort of book you pull out again and again.

Commentary on Old Testament Stories

Roy Wilkenson



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Mr. Wilkenson summarizes the stories in an easily readable manner and then comments very concisely on their more significant aspects. Rudolf Steiner gave many indications about the Old Testament but they are scattered throughout his work and Mr. Wilkenson has "digested" these and related them to the appropriate stories. He also refers to valuable non-biblical sources such as the legends surrounding the birth of Abraham. He relates the events to contemporary happenings in other cultures, for example that the Exodus from Egypt took place at about the same time as the fall of Troy.

- an appreciative reader

Teaching Geography - Wilkinson

Roy Wilkinson


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Contents Include:

  • Introduction
  • The Playground of the Winds
  • The Story of Leeds
  • The Story of Edenbridge
  • Discussions of content, approach, method by students' age from 10 to 18 years

The Norse Stories and their Significance

Roy Wilkinson


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At first sight, the Norse stories appear to be a weird and wonderful collection of tales, illogical in sequence and with no coherent theme. . . . However that may be, there is in the Norse stories a great depth of knowledge and, fragmentary as they are, they are probably relics of old Mystery wisdom. They present a picture of evolution, of the creation and development of the human being and his connection with higher beings; they show the human being's struggle with adverse powers, the fading of the old world conception and the birth of the ego which leads to new powers of perception.

- Roy Wilkinson

Contains 28 stories, beautifully retold, with commentary by the author.