Geography and Man's Responsibility for the Earth

Three articles by René Querido

Spiral Bound


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René Querido was passionate about geography and the importance of teaching it within the Waldorf curriculum. After reading these articles which are packed with interesting stories, humor, concise verbal gestures that sweep across the ages to arrive at a clear understanding (all hallmarks of René's lecturing style, as well as his writings), it is clear to see the roots of this passion -- and to share it.

For anyone teaching geography, these articles are jewels of inspiration. Something to celebrate, something to share.

Teaching Geography - Wilkinson

Roy Wilkinson


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Contents Include:

  • Introduction
  • The Playground of the Winds
  • The Story of Leeds
  • The Story of Edenbridge
  • Discussions of content, approach, method by students' age from 10 to 18 years

Norman Goes Down the River!!

Original Story by Eric K Fairman

Illustrations by Emma Reinhart

Comb Bound


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Norman is a young gnome, only 8 years old, in fact.  Of course, a single gnome year is equal to 10 human years, but despite that fact, Norman was a very young gnome, a child still living with his parents.  One day Norman decides to follow the stream to see where it flows and sets off (a decision that was to bring his parents much worry). What happens next is why this story is told!


Eric Fairman wrote  Norman Goes Down the River!! for Grade 3 students.  It serves as a bridge between the fairy tales of earlier grades and the realism that 3rd graders begin to crave.  The story takes Norman (and the children) on an exciting journey along a stream which has its source high in the densly forested mountain, down to the plains and from thence to the ever increasingly populated areas alongside what has now become a fast flowing river.  At last, Norman arrives in a large city at the mouth of the river where it joins the vast ocean.

Throughout the story, Norman meets with different birds and animals that have homes in the ever changing environment.  Geography and natural history, imagination and adventure all mix and ways both delightful and elucidating.  Norman is sure to be loved by children and adults alike

Very highly recommended for Grade 3 students and for the Grade 3 student in anyone!

Sacred Places

Spiritual Science Insight on the Mineral Earth

Alan Whitehead



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This is a fascinating study of myth, legend, geography, minerology, and the weather! Alan Whitehead, who lives in the area of Sydney, Australia, takes a close look at our visible Earth, then dives into Aboriginal and world mythology and cosmology to emerge with insights esoteric and exoteric, questions, and a basket of facts that will keep you happily reading (and chuckling! - this is also one of Alan's more humorous offerings) as you learn and wonder about the planet upon which we make our homes. Alan has succeeded in writing a book that is at once a great rainy-day read and a really valuable resource. I'm confident you'll enjoy it as much as I did!