Clothing the Play

The Art and Craft of Stage Design

Roswitha Spence



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Roswitha Spence has for years produced plays, their stages and costumes at Emerson College in England.  Clearly, she is a master at taking simple materials and transforming them easily into everything needed to powerfully, gracefully and beautifully present a story on stage.  In this book, she shares the details of her art and allows us to learn at her feet the ways of stagecraft and simple beauty.

Anyone who works with the theater, whether with adults or children, will love diving into this book and emerging with new and exhilarating ideas and techniques.  Whether you want to envision a staging layout, a puppet theater, costumes for a class play, or a simple enactment to be portrayed by a mixed group of homeschoolers, this book will guide you.  It is clearly explained, profusely illustrated with photos and drawings, and, quite simple, a joy.

Hawthorne Valley Harvest

A Collection of Plays for the Elementary Grades

Compiled by William Ward


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Hawthorne Valley Harvest is a collection of 23 plays spanning the full elementary school grades and including a Michaelmas Pageant for the entire school. The author offers teachers practical suggestions for preparing a play with children for production.


  • First Grade
  • "The Light Child" by Andree Ward
  • "The White Snake" by Ariana Hays
  • "The Devil with Three Golden Hairs" by William Ward
  • "The Six Servants" by Jolene Jackson
  • "Snow White" by William Ward

Second Grade

  • "The Voyage of Saint Brendan" by Kevin Kilb
  • "Saint Jerome and the Lion" by William Ward
  • "Odelia and Aldaric" by Laura Summer
  • "Saint George and the Dragon" by Claire McConnell
  • Saint Martin Legend by William Ward
  • "Saint Martin's Pageant" by William Ward
  • "Jumping Mouse" by Patrice Maynard

Third Grade

  • "Passover Celebration" by William Ward
  • "The Maccabees" by Patrice Maynard
  • "Joseph and His Brothers" by William Ward
  • "Moses" by William Ward

Fourth Grade

  • "The Forging of the Sampo" by Kevin Kilb
  • "The Death of Baldur" by William Ward

Fifth Grade

  • "The Epic of Gilgamesh" by Gloria Kemp
  • "Zarathustra: The Golden Star" by Jolene Jackson

Sixth Grade

  • "The Peacemaker" by Beatrice Cohen
  • "The Sacred Flame" by William Ward

Fifth-Eighth Grades

  • Michaelmas Pageant Introduction by William Ward
  • "Michaelmas Pageant" by William Ward

The Magic of Patience - A Jataka Tale

A Short Play Using the Four Temperaments

Adapted by Donna Simmons

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Softbound Booklet


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Donna Simmons has crafted a beautiful play that can be used with equal success in classroom or homeschool. It calls for characters who can be of different ages and differently levels of participation. And best, it is an engaging story, one which dramatizes well at levels ranging from mixed classroom presentation to sophisticated professional performances.

Donna's inspiration to transform this beloved Jataka Tale (Jataka tales are stories of Buddha's previous incarnations) into a play when she realized that the principle characters were outstanding presentations of the qualities of the four temperaments.

With very simple props, a few children and a bit of joy this lovely play can come to life for you and the children you teach.

Twenty-Five Plays

Inspired by Waldorf Teachers

David Mitchell, Ed.



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This remarkable collection of plays comes from Waldorf teachers across the face of North America. These teachers have selected a theme and written or adapted plays specifically for the class they were teaching. Some of the worlds most creative master teachers have contributed to the wealth this volume holds.

Sure to inspire anyone working within a classroom or homeschool collective, these magical plays can also be adapted for different numbers of student actors.

Music of the Spheres

A Musical about Johannes Kepler

Script and Lyrics by John Trevillion
Music by Merwin Lewis



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This musical for middle school students is a delightful adaptation of a scene from the life of Johannes Kepler. It is valuable for all teachers preparing the biographies of Kepler and Tycho de Brahe - and a really delightful musical drama as well!

Stages of Imagination

Working Dramatically with Adolescents

David Sloan



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This book is alive with the author’s conviction of the importance of drama for adolescents. He presents drama as an antidote to the cultural wasteland available for today’s youth. Also included are speech exercises, dramatic exercises, an outline of how to stage a play, and suggestions of appropriate plays.

Working Dramatically with Adolescents

David Sloan



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This research paper, born out of the author's determination to remove the chaos and tension from the rehearsals, preparation and production of Waldorf high school plays, is a terrific blow-by-blow account of the nature of high school actors, exercises to harness their energy and engage their interest, and a 15-rehearsal plan for a well-developed, well-acted performance.

Parzival & Gawain

Two Plays from The Grail

A. M. Miller

Translated and edited  by Daniel J. Polikof



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A beautiful way to encounter the archetypal characters of the Grail legends, whether you already know the stories or not. These plays read beautifully and are suitable for high school and community drama performance.

A worthy contribution to the Grail literature, Daniel Polikoff's inspired translation captures the high drama and lyric beauty of Miller's art. These dramatic recastings of the German original build a bridge to modern times, and admirably reflect the ideals and enthusiasm for the spirit that the Grail legends evoke in so many seekers.

Bruce T. Donehower, PhD University of California, Davis