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Cooking for the Love of the World

Awakening Our Spirituality through Cooking

Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt



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Feed your soul, nourish your body, and take joy in the creation of meals that truly make a house a home. Anne-Marie shows us all how to make foods that are filled with life and health, that celebrate through taste and beauty the seasons of the year, and that are so palatte-pleasing that everyone will come back again and again, hoping for more.

Inside the covers of what appears to be just another modest cookbook are gathered into one place some of the best discussions I've ever read on nutrition, life-filled food, taste and the change of seasons as the primary source of daily fare. The attitude the pervades Anne-Marie's work is one of love and appreciation for all the good things the earth brings us. Her's is also an attitude that is fully practical and very much at home with the work of the kitchen, it's demands and it's rich rewards.

Here you will find recipes for making quickly fermented salads using a Japanese pickle press (these are great inventions - you can easily get one for yourself at I've been using such a device for over a year and can't recommend them highly enough.

You'll also find beautifully written instructions for making delicious sourdough breads, yogurts, soups, main courses (this is not a vegetarian cookbook, though there are many vegetarian choices), deserts. All of these are far from being "health food" in the sense of sacrificing flavor at the expense of some idea of nutrient content. On the contrary, they are vibrantly exploding with flavor. Trust me, you'll love the meals you make from this book - and so will all your family and friends.

Very, very highly recommended! Bon apetite!


A Holistic Approach

Rudolf Hauschka



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In an age of mass food production, Dr. Hauschka considers one of the most neglected aspects of nutrition·the quality of food. He discusses aspects of food that can be measured by conventional scientific means, as well those that defy quantification by the usual methods. He relates these findings to a historical survey of food cultivation, preparation and preservation, and to the question of the chemically treated foods of today. Included are fundamental dietary suggestions by Dr. Margarethe Hauschka.