Life after Life

My Descent into Death

A Second Chance at LIfe

Howard Storm

Hardbound, dust jacketed

Foreword by Anne Rice


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As an atheist, Howard Storm was convinced that death marked the end of consciousness. But then he died and went to hell.

For years Howard Storm lived the American dream as a successful art professor and painter. Suddenly he found himself in the hospital awaiting surgery, and he realized with horror that his death was a real possibility. As an atheist, he was totally unprepared for what happened next. Storm found himself out of his body, staring at his own physical form, fully aware and more alive than ever before. In his spirit form, he was drawn into fearsome realms of darkness, where he experienced the terrible consequences of a selfish, materialistic life. Then he entered regions of light where he conversed with angelic beings and the Lord of Light Himself, who sent him back to Earth with a message of love. Storm shares his lessons learned in conversations with spiritual beings, revealing future conditions, the meaning of life, what happens when we die, the role of angels, and much more.

Farewell My Friend

A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling a Serious Illness and Even the Death of a Loved One

Beatrice Toney Bailey



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Originally $19.95 -

Farewell My Friend

A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling a Serious Illness and Even the Death of a Loved One

Beatrice Toney Bailey



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Bea and James Bailey

When Bea Bailey called to see if I might like to review her book, I could tell just by listening to her that it had to be very, very special indeed. Even over the phone I found myself in the presence of someone so filled with life and in possession of a heart that was wide open that I was inspired. To find such a person is a rare event - rarer still is to find that such a person has made caring for a loved one through serious illness and even death her mission. Her book, the outcome of her journey alongside her beloved husband James as his illness progressed and eventually claimed his life, is a pearl of priceless worth.

Bea has shared with humor, honesty, joy and sorrow all that she learned on this journey, and all that she believes you will need to know should such a passage become part of your own life.

This is the most practical, healing book on the subject I've ever seen. It is as though Bea were standing along side you, say, now you need to attend to this matter; now you need to check on that; are you taking care of yourself? Here's what to do so that you continue to have the strength to help. And more, much more.

Farewell, My Friend is a book you read through tears and through laughter. It is a book that heals the heart as it helps you navigate through the myriad details that will confront you. It is a book about love, right through and then beyond the end of this life. Bea has made of her own loss a gift to all of us.

The Little Series: Working with the Dead

Gathered from the Writings of Rudolf Steiner by Helmut von Kügelgen

Translated with permission of the author's estate by the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN)


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This is a beautiful book and a fitting companion to Volume 1 (Spiritual Insights) of WECAN's Little Series. Joan Almon's Preface to Working with the Dead really says it all:

Since the following passages were written, Helmut von Kügelgen crossed the threshold of death. On 25 February, 1998, at age 81, he experienced his birth into the spirit lands he loved so dearly. Less than a year before, at the Whitsun kindergarten conference, he spoke to us with passion ringing in his voice and said, "The spirit is not over there. It is here!" During those days he shared this realization with us several times. He spoke in the spirit of the Gospels which say, "Look not for the realm of the spirit outside yourselves, for it is among you." But he also spoke as if the veil which usually separates the spiritual world from the earthly had grown thin and translucent for him. The spiritual was now ever-present for him. Over the years we had watched his body grow frailer while his spirit grew stronger. he had prepared himself well for his journey into the spiritual world.

This booklet, along with the others he so lovingly compiled in the "Little Series," is being made available to the English speaking world both in memory of his service on the earth and in recognition of his continued activity in the spiritual worlds. The work such a soul performs on behalf of humanity does not come to an end with so-called death. It continues on, and we are privileged to work with him - and with the legions of others who are active on the other side of the threshold. We can be grateful that in this booklet Helmut von Kügelgen compiled such riches from the work of Rudolf Steiner to show us the way to work with those who have died to the earth but who are born into the spiritual.

Joan Almon Easter, 2000

I would like to add that Helmut von Kügelgen gathered these excerpts specifically with the work of the Waldorf teacher in mind. He included a personal letter to teachers, mothers, fathers and colleagues in the kindergarten by way of introducing the pedagogical intent of Working with the Dead.

A Rainbow Over the River

Experiences of life, death and other worlds

Veronika van Duin



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For many years Veronika van Duin has been able to see ·over the river· experiencing spiritual dimensions and worlds hidden to the physical eye. With clairvoyant vision she has perceived angels and demonic beings, people who have died, and even events taking place in other parts of the world. But in 2002, with the passing of her mother Barbara Lipsker, the author·s spiritual journeys became more concentrated and frequent, and she began to see people who had recently crossed the threshold of death, including the victims of an airplane disaster and a suicide bombing.

In A Rainbow Over the River, the author tells her remarkable story, from her earliest glimpses of the other side to her most recent excursions ·over the river.· In the second part of the book, she records an intensely moving diary of her mother·s passing, rich in love, care, and profound understanding of suffering. She describes how, despite the sadness of losing their mother, Veronika·s family see the death as a transition to a new existence and, ultimately, as a great festival of life. In the third section of the book she speaks of her mother·s life as a pioneer of Camphill, a social movement that provides home and work for people with special needs. She also offers thoughts on birth and death, grief, healing, prayer, and the meaning of existence.

A Rainbow Over the River is a glorious celebration of life, illumined through a knowledge of death and the eternal nature of spirit.

Veronika van Duin is also the author of Homemaking as a Social Art.

Staying Connected

How to Continue Your Relationship with Those Who Have Died

Selected Talks and Meditations by Rudolf Steiner

Edited and Introduced by Christopher Bamford


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"Working with the dead" - maintaining, continuing, and enhancing our relationships with those who have died - was fundamental to Rudolf Steiner, as it is to every spiritual tradition. So, too, is the idea that human beings on both sides of the threshold constitute a single community. This book provides concrete, practical instructions for those who wish to engage consciously in the great work that the living and the so-called dead can do together.

Steiner speaks directly from experience, formulating meditation practices and verses that have worked for him. We learn of reading to the dead and of using verbs (not nouns) to communicate with them. We learn also about the importance of the sacred moments of falling asleep and awaking and of the way in which our memories are like "art" to them. Finally, we learn of the key soul moods to be cultivated: community with the world, gratitude, and confidence in the current of life. Gradually, we come to realize that the dead, and indeed the whole spiritual world, care deeply about every aspect of earthly life. We understand that the earth is the only place where death can be experienced, as well as the only place where we can love and form connections and relationships. We learn, too, how this love extends beyond the physical world and how the living and the dead can help each other.

I have personally used many of the practices discussed in this volume, always with richly rewarding results. I unhesitatingly recommend this book to anyone seeking to connect to people across the threshold of death.

The Presence of the Dead on the Spiritual Path

Rudolf Steiner

Hardbound - plain burgundy linen cover (not shown)


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What is the relationship between those who have died and those who are still alive? Can we help those who are now in the spiritual world? Can they help us?

In a realistic, practical way, Rudolf Steiner deals with the relationships people who live in the physical world can have with those who have crossed the thresholc and live in the spiritual world. The tone of these lectures, which give examples drawn from Steiner's personal experience, is unusually warm and moving.

Bridge Over the River

After Death Communications of a Young Artist Who Died in World War I

Joseph Wetzl



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Originally $15.95 -

This book contains amazing communications from a young musician named Sigwart to his sister after his death in 1915. At first, she experienced Sigwart's attempts to reach her as a kind of inner unrest. This eventually led to the feeling that her brother was trying to contact her. Gradually, as she lived with this feeling, she was able to achieve conscious contact with her brother. In this state, she received many remarkable messages, some of which are gathered here.

In the past decades, there have been many "communications" from the other side. What distinguishes the messages in this book is not only the inherent interest of what they have to say, but the fact that they were authenticated by Rudolf Steiner. Sigwart's sister has described her meeting with Rudolf Steiner: "For an hour and three quarters he scrutinized page after page. . . . Many times he nodded and exclaimed approvingly, 'Very well described! Well expressed! Characterized exactly. . . .' I waited in vain for the negation of any messages. But none came. As a parting word, Dr. Steiner said, 'Yes, these are exceptionally clear, absolutely authentic communications from the spiritual world. I see no reason for dissuading you from listening to them further.'

The Bridge over the River is a profound and inspiring document. Containing prayers, meditations, insights, advice, and a view of the world born aloft by love, it will comfort, enlighten, and speak to hearts of all persuasions.

A Western Approach to Reincarnation and Karma

Edited by René Querido and Robert McDermott


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The selected lectures in this volume are nothing less than a tour de force of Rudolf Steiner's articulation of the reality of reincarnation and karma in the modern world. If you only read one volume of Steiner on reincarnation and karma, we believe this is the volume you should select. There is no other place to gain such a comprehensive overview of what Rudolf Steiner saw when he looked into the reality of repeated lives and the balancing influences of destiny. As a bonus, René Querido wrote an excellent introduction which should help newcomers orient themselves to the concepts Steiner presents.

Reincarnation in Modern Life

Towards a New Christian Awareness

Pietro Archiati



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Reincarnation is usually considered to be an ancient, non-Christian doctrine originating in the East. Is it compatible with the teachings of Christianity?

In a lively and fluid style, Pietro Archiati describes the approach to reincarnation taken by the spiritual master Rudolf Steiner - an approach which is wholly relevant to Western consciousness and steeped in true Christianity.

By applying and developing Steiner's ideas, Archiati brings the concept of reincarnation to bear on many aspects of modern life, including such vexed issues as abortion and rape. he addresses the question of whether reincarnation appears in the New Testament, and explains how we can understand theological problems such as Christ's Resurrection and the resurrection of the body from this wider context.

Seven Steps to Eternity

The True Story of One Man's Journey into the Afterlife

As Told to 'Psychic Surgeon' Stephen Turoff



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"I died in the Battle of the Somme." These astonishing words were addressed to clairvoyant and healer Stephen Turoff by the soul of James Legett, a young casualty of the First World War. For two years the author communicated with the soldier's soul and recorded his remarkable story about his battlefield death in France adn his subsequent journey into the afterlife. Their collaboration involved an unusual method: Legett presented spiritual pictures to Turoff, who interpreted them through clairvoyant perceptions into words. The result is an enlightening testimony to life beyond the illusion of death. It shows that we are all eternal - there is no death, only change.

Stephen Turoff, born in 1947, is among today's most respect healers. As a psychic surgeon, he receives dozens of patients each day at the Danbury Healing Clinic in Chelmsford. his work takes him to Israel and throughout Europe. He lives with his wife in England.

Light Beyond the Darkness

The Healing of a Suicide Across the Threshold of Death

Doré Deverell


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I was privileged to be one of the many people who helped Doré give birth to this incredible story. Doré is an amazingly strong person, someone really capable of entering into a new understanding of a very painful event, searching until she found something that would truly heal, and then doing, and doing, and doing until her love and commitment metamorphosed into a healing deed that transcended space and time. This is a story of courage, love, and determination that has not ceased to inspire me. I hope it adds as much to your life as it has to mine.

Where Are You?

Coming to Terms with the Death of My Child

Karin v.Schilling


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This is a moving, intimate, and deep account of a mother's experience after the sudden death of her 13-year-old daugher. Because of its intimacy and honesty, this little book can be of emense help to anyone who has lost a child or a dearly loved relative or friend. It often happens that when we are confronted by such decisive acts of destiny, there is no one in our circle of love who can comfort us from their own experience. And, it is only from the experience of someone who cares that we can receive comfort and guidance at such a time. Karin v. Schilling is such a caring person, and her thoughts and caring can reach out through this little book to anyone in need of hearing them.