An Introduction

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Anthroposophy in Everyday Life

Rudolf Steiner


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This is a collection of some of our favorite pamphlets of the past: "Practical Training in Thought," "Overcoming Nervousness," "Facing Karma," and "The Four Temperaments." There is an enormous amount of good advice and practical suggestions between these two covers - and many exercises which you will discover work very well. If you are someone who "does" their spiritual life, this book is for you.

How to Know Higher Worlds

A Modern Path of Initiation

Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Christopher Bamford


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How to Know Higher Worlds is a favorite of ours. Christopher Bamford's translation is immediate, warm and inspiring. Here, for anyone who chooses to walk it, is a path of moral and spiritual development that speaks directly to the heart.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner and the Science of Spiritual Realities

A one-hour video documentary

Karl M. Levin

DVD - 60 minutes


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Dr. Rudolf Steiner is a fascinating journey into the realms just beyond our five senses, where thoughts are things and creation begins. Rudolf Steiner not only learned how to experience these areas directly, he also developed specific techniques that can enable the individual to "see" into spiritual reality.

In addition to learning about Rudolf Steiner, we meet some of the men and women who are utilizing the impulses brought by Dr. Steiner to expand and enhance their specific vocations in very practical ways, e.g., Education Agriculture, Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics, Architecture, the Arts, and working with Developmentally Disabled children and adults.

Rudolf Steiner

An Introduction to His Spiritual Worldview, Anthroposophy

Roy Wilkinson



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In many ways, Rudolf Steiner is the forgotten genius of recent times. A powerful thinker, who developed an intricate spiritual philosophy based on his ability to research and perceive spiritual dimensions, Steiner is perhaps best known today for his legacy to education, medicine and agriculture. But behind these practical manifestations of his ideas lies a profound teaching, which he termed a science of spirit, or anthroposophy. In these wonderfully succinct summaries of Steiner’s thought, Roy Wilkinson introduces us to aspects of this spiritual philosophy.

The twelve chapters discuss:

  • Rudolf Steiner, herald of a new age reincarnation and karma
  • The spiritual nature of the human being
  • The development of human consciousness
  • World and human evolution
  • Relationships between the living and the dead
  • Forces of evil
  • A modern path of initiation
  • Life between death and rebirth
  • The spiritual hierarchies
  • Philosophical approach to the spirit
  • The Christ’s mission