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How Pine Cone and Pepper Pot (with the Help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John) Learned Tom Nutcracker and June Berry their Letters

Reg Down



Lavishly illustrated with every page in full color, this alphabet story from Reg Down is a delight to read for both children and adults alike. Filled with the humorous adventures of the gnomes Tom Nutcracker and June Berry as they learn their letters with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and friends.

Whether your child knows their alphabet or not Pine Cone and Pepper Pot guarantee that they will see the letters and their shapes with new and creative eyes. The Alphabet is filled with stories, songs, pictures, plays and adventures silly and bold. Highly recommended!!

The Alphabet via
The Alphabet via
The Alphabet via

Summer is almost over and Tom Nutcracker is soon to go to school. But deep in the forest on his father’s farm two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are worried. What if the school does not teach Tom his letters properly? What if the teacher messes the alphabet up? Then Tom might spell the Pine Cone as NEPI NOEC, or Pepper Pot as PREPREP TOP. He might even spell the famous Tiptoes Lightly as TOESPIT THIGLLY. That would be a disaster. A huge disaster! So the two gnomes, with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John, set out to teach Tom his letters. Tom’s younger sister, June Berry, insists on being taught too, and never will they, or anyone else who reads this tale, forget their ABC’s – or their LMNOP’s or QRST’s either.

8 1/2″ x 11″, 90pp., 2016.

Rudolf Steiner


Translated by Reg Down


For those interested in the spiritual aspects of the arts Reg Down has translated Rudolf Steiner’s “The Being of the Arts.”

In what was announced as a lecture Steiner instead began to tell an extraordinary tale. It begins with two women standing in a stark and frozen landscape: one experiences the bitter cold, the other the extraordinary beauty. Both fall asleep, but while one falls into a sleep on the verge of death, the other is approached out of the sunset by a youth who says: ‘You are art’. She then undergoes a powerful set of experiences. Today we might call them vivid dreams, but that would be too passive. They are more than dreams; she performs deeds and becomes the bearer of mighty, creative impulses for the future.

This tale, told in 1909, has lost none of its originality and vividness. It is as relevant and powerful as when it was first told. It presents the reader with a series of images and beings drawn directly from the spiritual world, but in such a way that, through art, a bridge is built between the spiritual and earthly worlds.

This edition is freshly translated by Reg Down, with a foreword and end notes containing illustrations and photographs of subjects and works of art mentioned in the course of the tale.

Reg Down


A fantasy adventure for grades 6/7 and up.


Originally $15.50 –

Filled with drama and humor, The Darkling Beasts is a cautionary tale addressing some of the great issues that face us today, ones the upcoming generation will contend with tomorrow.  Reg Down’s lively imagination has made this tale the best sort of reading for young teens (and those of us who are older): The Darkling Beasts is a captivating page-turner that will keep any young person reading, and reading and reading.  And as they read, they will not only be entertained, they will be recognized, challenged, and taught unawares.

Alf’s parents lose their home in the great financial downturn of the early twenty-first century.  They take Alf and his friend, Siggy, to a visiting carnival to have a bit of fun.  Alf and Siggy get stuck in a dilapidated Hall of Mirrors and end up miles away with the beer bellied owner and his amply x-sized mum.  that’s when Alf discovers a portal in the Hall of Mirrors.  It leads to a world turned completely inside out to ours.

In Instar, the sun lies at the center of a great sphere, waxing and waning during the day and vanishing at night.  They meet the slim and beautiful Mia, who takes them into her tilting — the tall, slender buildings that sway with the wind and rise above the forest.  The tiltings, however, are surrounded by a high defense wall with vicious spikes on top.  Living in the day is fine, or so it seems to an outsider, but when night comes the gates are shut against the darkling beasts that rage outside.

Very highly recommend, ages 11-12 and up.

The Book of Northern Myths

Padraic Colum



Meet Thor, Baldur, Freya, Odin and all the higher gods – and Loki too, mischief maker and clever deceiver. Filled with the most extraordinary tales of great depth, imagination and wisdom it is impossible to resist this wonderful book – and Colum’s telling is outstanding. Filled with drama, intrigue, humor and adventure, this collection of tales begins with the building of Asgard, home of the gods, and ends with the final battle of Ragnarok when the world is deluged i water and made anew.

In between we meet Iduna and her golden apples, Freya of the ill-gotten necklace, Odin the Wanderer, Sigurd the Dragon Slayer, the mischievous, clever but vindictive Loki, and the whole Norse pantheon from giants to dwarves.  For richness, cultural wealth and sheer grandeur, the Norse myths stand alone and unique in the world.

This edition has been given a new cover by Reg Down and the type has been reset, making this edition much more readable than previous editions.

The content of The Children of Odin is identical to that of Nordic Gods and Heros.

Padraic Colum


This is a gem of a book by the renowned poet, dramatist, novelist, folklorist and storyteller, Padraic Colum.  No less than three of his books for children received retrospective citations for the Newbery Honor.  Filled with drama, action, tenderness and adventure, Padraic Colum spins a series of tales which draw us into a world of imagination and beauty.  The tales have a strong and clear storyteller’s voice which is still as alive, fresh and direct as it was when first spoken.

This edition has been edited by the artist, teacher and author, Reg Down, with grade 4 to 8 students in mind.  In addition to editing for clarity and pronounceability (Celtic spellings are sometimes impossible!), he refreshed the original illustrations by Dugard Stewart Walker, inserted footnotes where a word was uncommon or seldom used, added a map to show where countries and mountains mentioned in the book are located, added a section with characterizations and drawings of all the birds which appear in the book, included the Celtic Ogham alphabet referenced in one tale (plus examples for the reader to deciher and encouragement for them to write their own Ogham), and finally, added a brief biography of Padraic Colum, with a description of his dramatic life and times in Ireland and his arrival in the land of hope, America.

Outstanding! Highly recommend for ages 9 and older.

starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and the illimitable Tiptoes Lightly

Reg Down



Spring is full of life and life is full of eggs, all sorts of eggs: great cosmic eggs and tiny butterfly eggs, salmon eggs and bird eggs, rabbit eggs and special eggs being gilded and painted by two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. They have been told (gossiped, to be correct) that Farmer John’s children, Tom and June, are going to give them special eggs for Easter, and they decide to reciprocate. However, if you are a gnome, a small gnome—even if you are two small gnomes—then the simplest of tasks (such as finding a bird who does not mind giving you a couple of their eggs) can be a problem … !!!

Woven into the fabric of the book are many tales, myths and legends: Pepper Pot reads the history of King Karnac and the Turning of Time, Madam Two-Pecks tells her chicks how the universe was created from the World Egg, and the Wise Salmon in Running River tells the fingerlings about the great cycle, the Egg of Life. ‘Eggs for the Hunting’ is a spring tale, a wonder tale, affirming the joy, humor and mystery of life.

Another joyous, delicious story by Reg Down for children of all ages!  Very highly recommended.

an Easter tale

Reg Down

Softbound, with lovely line drawing illustrations by the author


Reg Down has gifted us with a happy Easter tale featuring Tiptoes Lightly and her friends. Told with humor and joy, this is just right for today’s children.  It’s pretty wonderful for today’s adults, too. 

One morning an egg appears in the meadow below the Great Oak Tree. Neither Jeremy Mouse nor the fairy Tiptoes Lightly have ever seen such a huge egg – over a foot tall! They go to Farmer John’s in search of an answer, but without any luck, and when they return the egg has grown!

Thus begins an adventure which involves most everybody on the farm – human, animal and sprite. The egg, later hidden deep in the forest, keeps growing and finally hatches in a beautiful way on Easter Sunday.

The Starry Bird is an Easter tale with healthy doses of humor, adventure, and just plain fun. But underneath, in a form suitable for children, run the mystery-questions of life, death and resurrection that lie at the heart of Easter.

And other adventures of Tiptoes Lightly and Jeremy Mouse

Reg Down

Softbound, beautiful watercolor illustrations by the author


Originally $11.95 –

The Bee Who Lost His Buzz

Those of you who have read The Tale of Tiptoes Lightly no doubt remember the story of “The Bee Who Lost His Buzz” very well.  It is, in fact, the first of Tiptoes Lightly’s many delightful adventures.  In it, Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse help the Bee whose buzz has been snagged by grumpy Mr. Cactus, the Worm who’slost his squirm and cannot wiggle back into the safety of his home.  They go on to sail down to the sea to untangle little Octopus who is too young to count properly (he can only count to seven), and gets his legs hopelessly mixed up whenever he tries.

Now, Reg Down has created a sumptuously illustrated storybook that brings Tiptoes’ first adventure to life in ways glorious to behold.  I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t revel in the images and characters of this storybook.  A perfect gift any time of the year.  I just love it.

Ages 3-6 and onward.

Adventures of Tiptoes Lightly and Greenleaf the Sailor

Reg Down

Softbound, filled with delightful black and white drawings


Another delightful addition to Reg Down’s Tiptoes Lightly series! The Lost Lagoon will keep your children rapt with attention as Tiptoes Lightly and Greenleaf the Sailor make their way through new wonder-filled adventures.

It is spring and Running River is in full flood.  Tiptoes Lightly and Jeremy Mouse visit Greenleaf the Sailor and venture forth in Greenleaf’s newly made boat.  Soon they are joined by Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the Gnomes and together they search for the Lost Lagoon the frogs have been so beautifully singing about. 

Meanwhile, back home, Farmer John reads The Adam Tales to Tom Nutcracker and June Berry. Later, Tom rides off in the night until he, too, comes to the Lost Lagoon.  What Happens on this night, with its majestic, rising moon, is filled with a wonder and magic that won’t soon be forgotten.

Highly recommended for ages 4 and up!

Spring Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

Reg Down



Reg Down weaves more Tiptoes magic, this time with a spring theme. In this third book filled with stories that are so lyrical and lovely they practically dance themselves off the page, we join Tiptoes and her friends in Farmer John’s garden where bees and plants are awakening in gay abandon. As the book and the season progresses, babies of all sorts are born, kites are flown, more tales are told, sacrifices and rescues are made, and love is called into it all.

These stories are so wonderful for kindergartners and first graders (and their teachers and parents!). Thanks, Reg!

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