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Activities that Strengthen the Child's Cognitive Forces

Elizabeth Auer



I really, really like this book.  It has just about every activity and craft I’ve ever witnessed at a Waldorf school, along with lovely pencil drawings, color painting examples, and instructions for stage craft, upright loom building, guidance for main lesson illustrations and content, as well as its core grade-by-grade discussion of activities to integrate into the lessons.

There is a vigor and a joy to it that will inspire and energize any teacher or parent who uses it as a resource.  Whether you are teaching in a classroom, teaching at home, or simply want to integrate these activities into your child’s life, this is a book to love.  Thank you, Elizabeth Auer!

Grades 1 thru 8.

Rudolf Meyer



Rudolf Meyer’s now classic work introduces us to the archetypal imagery that is the life within all fairy tales and is why we all find them so interesting and soul-satisfying. Meyer rediscovers the meaning behind the images and lets us see how these stories can have a profoundly positive influence on the lives of children in our modern world. Fairy tales told to a child return to the world as the source of ideals and imaginative, creative thinking in the adult that child becomes.

The prince, the tailor, the miller, the princess and the evil queen are all images of different elements within our own nature. When we see these elements play out in fairy tales, we are strengthened by the discovery of the pathways through which what is good and true really does triumph in the end.

This is a fine book for any adult wanting to understand the magical resonance of fairy tales.