$5 BOOK SALE – Closed Until Monday

Thank you SO MUCH for your enthusiasm for our $5 book sale!! We are so grateful for your business.

The $5 Sale is TEMPORARILY closed until Monday, 2/17 at 10am Pacific Time.

The $5 sale will be OPEN Monday, 2/17 from 10am-4pm Pacific Time.

Since our website doesn’t know how to keep track of inventory, we are going to open and close the sale each day when a human being can keep close tabs on the sale page and try to reduce the disappointment at people not getting what they ordered.

If you had a shopping cart in progress, your cart is still saved, however the items may not still be available. You may go ahead and check out and I will email you for substitutions, or you may empty your cart and start fresh when the sale re-opens.

NOTE: If you have a current order that needs substitutions, please email Angela for further instructions.